After a very strange year, 2020 finally came to an end

But it wasn’t all bad. We were inspired to do better, to keep swimming, and as 2021 comes in hot (though sadly not the weather, just yet) we’re seeing the world taking on some serious sustainable resolutions. With the EU banning single use plastic, plans rolling out for satellites made of wood, and the world’s first vegan eggs on the cards for October, we’re inspired to supercharge our own eco-innovations. 

But before we disappear back into the design lab at K.O.I, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a part of the real change that took place in the fashion industry over 2020. You, the consumers who care, made our sustainable visions into a reality. Without conscious customers, planet-friendly products just sit in the warehouse… We need you to give it a life of its own, to inspire others to make changes and live better. 

Quality, innovative garments, which reduce the negative impact on nature and increase the positive impacting the lives of workers, are the future. It’s really that simple. But planet-friendly brands have a duty to look towards 2021 and pledge once again to do right by the planet and those we share it with. To do right by you. 

Here are some highlights from last year, guided by our 5 pillars, to give you a sense of what you were part of in 2020.

Planet friendly material: We launched the first jeans made without using any new cotton (just 50% recycled cotton and 50% refibra). Every denim we sell now has at least 15% recycled cotton, next to organic cotton or sustainable man-made fibers.

Responsible production: Despite the crisis, we didn’t cancel a single order, nor did we ask for any discounts. We care for our workers together with the Fairwear Foundation.

Less water waste: We introduced the EIM (Environmental Impact Measurement) scores to rate the wash/treatments of every denim we sell - transparency is a huge priority for us.

Waste conscious: We introduced the first biodegradable denim, Bio-Stretch. And we made sure all our goods would be packaged in a 100% biodegradable polybag. Besides that, all our denims have recycled metal buttons, recycled paper tags and recycled polyester woven labels. All this, plus the wonderful reaction to our Reuse The Blues contest, made us happy upcycle fanatics in 2020. 

CO2 reduction: Of course, we missed traveling to our production locations around the Mediterranean every now and then, but video calling allowed us to connect from afar. It was good to see how adaptable we all were, and we will be taking some of these newfound skills along with us this year to reduce our impact on the planet even more.

2021, we’re ready for you.

Let’s keep swimming against the stream and make this world a better place.

Tony Tonnaer - Founder
Kings Of Indigo

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