As the Sales unfurl, the storm picks up...

Summer Sale! 

Unbelievable Savings! 

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Any other year, and we’d be right there with ya’. Clearing out the old to make way for the new, fighting for attention online while all our eco-store partners go wild in their store windows. But this is not any other year. We’ve learned something recently. KOI is rethinking consumerism, and we know you are too. 

summer sale Kings of Indigo

How do we know? Because it’s people who have taught mindful brands that habits are changing. Spending less, focusing on essentials or items that truly last. But this could just be the calm before the storm. After COVID-19, fashion sits at a crossroads. The stores that survived through coronavirus are now reopening, and they have a lot of stuff still to sell. Meanwhile, brands need to supercharge their marketing online to make back their own losses. It’s a chain reaction, because retailers can’t sell at full price if you can get the same thing for cheaper on your phone. The wind picks up as the rush begins. And the Sales unfurl. 

Do we look out for ourselves and forget the rest - or do we stand together? Okay, so maybe that’s a loaded question… 

But for KOI the route is obvious: stay united. How do you do that when official guidelines are telling us all to stay the hell away from each other? Get creative. Just like when we decided not to cancel a single order to our producer partners during lockdown, when it came to retailers we simply reached out. They told us: We have great clothing which we can’t sell fast enough before the Sale period, and we can’t return it either. How do we solve this problem?

Simple. This year we aren’t starting our Sale period at the end of June like we would normally. For the latest season, which arrived at retailers just before lockdown, we will delay our Sale online by a month (August 1st) - instead pushing out some of our favorite products from the KOI archive at a discount throughout our e-comm - so our store partners can have the breathing room to pick up speed again. And as consumers, we can choose to support our local stores in the meantime. 

“After travelling around to some of our retailers in Germany last week with the KOI team, I was blown away by the positivity after such a difficult time. I heard again and again that consumers were supporting their local stores, which is exactly what we need to take fashion down the right road after lockdown - away from getting lassoed by fast fashion behemoths online again.” - Tony Tonnaer, Founder of KOI 

Because while fashion is a chain, it’s also inherently interconnected. Every Maker, Marketeer, Designer, Retailer, CEO and Founder, is also a consumer. So if consumers’ mindsets shift, so should the mindsets of every person in that chain - and when all those minds shift together, then fashion can truly change. 

Let’s make a change. 

Separated, yet united.  

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