Denim is Built for Life. Why let it die?

The name ‘Kings Of Indigo’ isn’t just a front - we really dig denim. And denim was born for the rough and rowdy, the raw makers and hard-workers. Whether it be down a goldmine in the 1800s, or containing the wind-swept, furrowed browed rebellion of James Dean in the ‘50s, denim was built to last. Made for life.

It wasn’t just a coincidence either, that Kings Of Indigo spells KOI, and that our namesake (or call it Spirit Animal) the koi carp is infamous for swimming upstream. Swimming upstream makes us stronger, it transforms us - and in the case of the carp, legend has it that after swimming long enough it transformed into a dragon.


So this week, we’re encouraging all of you to swim a little upstream. To make a transformation - or rather - transform your denim, and give it a new lease on the life that it was built for. How?

The Triple-R philosophy - Reuse, Repair, Recycle.  

Now more than ever we can see the power of upcycling clothing as a means of managing the severe problem of waste in the fashion industry. Fast fashion encourages single wear clothing which seduces consumers to buy things that they might not want, and almost certainly don’t need – did you know that 30% of these purchased garments are never even worn? Let alone the stuff you wash once and see it’s now a cracked, shrunken husk of the piece you tried on in-store.

Now, you can’t always shell out on the good stuff. But buying better, less often, really works. Particularly where denim is concerned. A great denim, sustainably made, not only has far less impact on the environment (check KOI’s garments for specifics on the environment-impact reduction of our production), but it actually gets better with age. Denim lovers, like us, know that half the pleasure of a denim is going on that journey with it - to the perfect fade.If you don’t already know firsthand, check out some of these examples.



So why not use today, this week, this summer to search through your aging denims (hell, any clothing you’ve not worn for a while), and try out our Triple R philosophy - show ‘em some love. Grab a needle and thread and repair the hole in your jeans, or if it’s beyond that point, then cut them up and make them into something new!

Re-Use the Blues

Every year we run a competition called Re-Use the Blues, where we challenge you to create the most inventive new garment from the old indigo pieces you’ve got lying around. Keep an ear out for this year’s edition, and in the meantime here are some of the winning entries from past years so you can get a headstart.


old bag_reusetheblues

Tired of fast fashion?

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