Fair Wear Foundation

Since we started production in 2012, we have been a proud member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). Our membership is a guarantee that we ensure fair and safe working conditions for all those who contribute to making beautiful garments for us. Our CSR department is in frequent contact with FWF to ensure a progressive collaboration. 

About Fair Wear Foundation:

  • It is an international multi-stakeholder initiative committed to working with member companies to improve supply chains and working conditions in garment production locations worldwide.
  • It operates according the Code of Labor Practice ( for more information about the "code of labour pratice" click here)
  • FWF carries out audit and training organization at factory level
  • It focuses on Social Responsibility between the brand and production locations, with focus on stitching, laundry locations for Kings of Indigo
  • FWF focuses on social, health & safety only

Fair Wear Foundation's mission is to improve the working conditions in the garment supply chain worldwide. With the FWF membership, we are committed to follow the “Code of Labour Practice” in all production facilities.  This code is based on the principals of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. You can read more about this in our Social Report linked below.

It defines high-level standards for the working conditions to enhance the quality of life for workers. Fair Wear uses the annual Brand Performance Check to ensure the correct implementation and following through of the Code of Labour Practice. 
Brand Performance Check 2020
Kings of Indigo Social Report 2019


The Brand Performance Check is an annual check of internal management systems of FWF members. Systems are reviewed and assessed in accordance with the Code of Labour Practices (as set by FWF) in co-operation with the suppliers. We publish our Brand Performance Check annually for full transparency.

Aspects checked and reviewed: 

  • Production planning 
  • Purchasing 
  • Supplier relationships 
  • Leverage
  • Monitoring of the production sites
  • Complaints handling 
  • Support from brand to facility
  • Transparency

Fair Wear Labour Standards

For more information, visit www.fairwear.org 

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