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Creating garments with a conscience - clothes that last, that do not harm people, animals, or the planet. At the end of the day, it’s all about heart. Sounds cute, maybe. But real talk: this means making sacrifices - pushing back against the tides of consumer capitalism, of fast fashion, of pollution - and choosing to invest more time and money where it counts. It means swimming against the current. And swimming’s good cardio - it makes us stronger. 

In the COVID-19 era of staycations and social distancing, we’re all coming to understand the power that “staying home” does for the planet. And not just in terms of our heath. In 2020, keeping things local meant that by April this year, worldwide daily carbon emissions dropped by 17%. Flying accounts for 12% of the travel industries annual emissions. With flights grounded all over the world during lockdown, in the last few months airlines saw a reduction of 96% in their contribution to that number. For a second there, going nowhere was well and truly getting us somewhere. 

But let’s be real. Studies show that while, yes, quarantine helped us reduce our impact on the planet - this was a moment, not a movement. And what an excellent distraction all these positive numbers were, as Trump calmly dismantled US environmental policies. 


So let’s talk fashion. We’ve known for a while now the power that staying close to home has. Over 95% of our garments are made in factories in Greater Europe (SS20, it’s actually 98.71% to be exact) and if we do go further afield that’s because it means a reduction in emissions in the long run. For example, fabrics go directly from source to factories - rather than coming by us. That reduces distances.  By ensuring almost all production comes in by truck, we reduce our impact in a very real way. 


But lockdown has given us a hell of a lot to think about, both as consumers ourselves, and as producers of ‘green’ garments. In 2018, our total shipments created 793,203 = tonnes of C02, even by travelling in trucks. A startling figure, but something we are working on reducing. To protect our planet, our home, and those we share it with, we must not lose our heart - because it’s that heart which keeps us swimming against the current.

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