Innovative finishes

When it comes to the finishing process Kings of Indigo uses innovative and sustainable production methods -such as low impact washes and natural dye techniques - where possible.

Kings of Indigo is working on innovative washing and finishing techniques close together with its suppliers.
The main goal is to reduce water and energy consumption and pollution.
Kings of Indigo never uses sandblasting which is very harmful for the workers.
Instead Kings of Indigo focuses on more sustainable techniques such as laser, ice blast and ozone that are used to substitute manual scraping, stonewash and bleach finishes.
With those techniques the used look of a washed down jeans can be achieved in a more sustainable way.
Laser beams burn a pattern in the denim, while ozone takes out the colour. Ice blast is another technique to fade a denim fabric with dry ice.
Kings of Indigo constantly works on improving and reducing the impact of the finishing processes. Luckily Kings of Indigo’s partners in production are regularly re-inventing the way of washing, distressing and finishing in the jeans in sustainable ways. 
Kings of Indigo does not use any of the chemicals mentioned on the REACH list in our production, which means amongst others no chlorobenzenes, azo dyes or heavy metals.
Kings of Indigo can offer new and most of all cleaner products every season.

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