It’s time we all made a choice!

Last week Coca Cola and Nike launched two wonderful ad-campaigns. ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ and ‘Open Like Never Before’ are beautiful ads, no denying, carefully crafted in a time when we’re all feeling a little fragile.  

So it goes: Coke is set to inject millions of dollars worth of media budget and advertising space to hundreds of its existing commercial customers to help get them back on their feet, while Nike used 4,000 hours of footage to ask the question: can anything really stop team spirit? Tough question in these times. 

Lockdown (past, present and future) has hit both hospitality and retail hard. We know this first hand. We spent the last four months devising ways of staying united with our retailers, honoring our promises, and moving forward together. It was a beautiful and very challenging time. But we’re stronger for it. Team spirit - see, it lives on. 

We hope that COVID-19 marks genuine change in terms of how we buy. But whatever we believe about the future, what we can all take away from these campaigns is that uniting to overcome climate change is crucial. And uniting means uniting for the planet as a whole, both in terms of international supply-chains and ecology. How can we do this? 

We are all consumers. That means we make choices; what to buy, and where to buy it. These are not always easy choices. But as we keep saying: It’s time to swim against the stream. There are countless businesses and brands on this planet who put ethical and sustainable practices front and centre of what they do. Who work towards fair wages for their factory employees, reduce their footprint wherever possible, and tirelessly search for new ways to supercharge their green offering - who always have, and hopefully always will. And what’s more: they’re easy to find. You’re looking at one right now. 

Is there really any reason not to choose a brand with a proven track record of positive contributions to the planet and its people? No. That’s an easy one. 


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