Joshua, King of Sales Netherlands

Talk us through your outfit. 
I am wearing my Etienne Sherpa vest and Thor Cropped jeans with a classic black Darius tee and Sport Socks. 

What is one piece of clothing you can’t live without during the cold winter months and one- during the spring-summer period

J: For the winter months my favourite piece is our Indigo cotton/ hemp puffer jacket. In the summer I can’t really go anywhere without one of my many Darius striped t-shirts.

Tell us about something that inspired you recently, be it a book, a movie, a podcast, a stranger on the street, a song or even a whole album! 
J: Recently saw Game Changers on Netflix, a documentary about meat consumption. It really opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t know. Since then my family and I are phasing out meat during the week as much as possible. Becoming completely vegetarian is not the end goal. We are aiming for cutting down big time and only eating quality meat when we do decide to eat meat.

Favourite midday snack?

J: It has to be some candy or liquorice right after lunch for a little sugar rush.

If you could get your hands on one thing on the Kings of Indigo website what would it be? 

J: I would get the Hanzai for sure. It’s a classic black Western jacket and the colours and details of the embroidery are so great!

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