Kings of Laundry

It is the aim of Kings of Indigo to produce as sustainable as possible, but every season a few of these styles stand out from the crowd, to be crowned as Kings of Laundry. This exclusive selection is produced with the use of the most innovative washing and finishing techniques, with the main goal to reduce water and energy waste, as well to reduce pollution.

Luckily, the Kings of Indigo partners in production are constantly reinventing the ways of washing, distressing and finishing the jeans in sustainable ways, which means that every season Kings of Indigo can offer a new, and most of all cleaner product. Techniques that are used now include laser, ozone and ice blast, to replace techniques like manual scraping, sandblasting and bleaching. But most importantly, with our Kings of Laundry offer we are able to reduce water waste to a minimum, which still remains the highest polluter in the industry.

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