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In between recording a new album and preparing for festival shows on new territory, Gallowstreet presents a brand new bandfoto, fully styled in Kings Of Indigo. 

We sat down with bandleader Dirk Zandvliet for a few questions about things like inspiration, best festival memories and evolving style. Thanks Dirk!
Gallowstreet in K.O.I
Hey Dirk, 
Looking sharp in full Kings Of Indigo!
Can you tell us a bit about your band and its background?
We've been a band now for more than a decade (est. 2012). We had our first rehearsal on de Galgenstraat, hence we're named Gallowstreet. That street used to look out from Amsterdam's Prinseneiland on the Gallows Fields in Amsterdam North.
Band leader Dirk
What/who inspires you?
Our studio is next to Skatecafe (Amsterdam North) and we're soaking up the vibes there. We share our studio with Jungle by Night, Indian Askin, Nusantara Beat  and Brass Rave Unit so we're always catching up and catching on each others music. For inspiration we are always tuned into what the the Daptone label produces, be it the Budos Band, Menahan Street band. Also s/o to cool brass band crews from around the world such as Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Meute and Lucky Chops.

You guys have played a lot of festivals now. What’s your best festival memory?
We fondly remember Lowlands 2016, we were pitted against Muse (same timeslot but on the Alpha stage) leading everybody to speculate we would be playing an empty tent but we ended up playing for 4000 people!

In what way did your style evolve, individually or as a group?
In terms of fashion we weren't always the spectacularly dressed band you see today. We went through lots of phases. From a more rugged look to more disco, to more suave and suited up. We've searched for individuality in our looks but also makes us look like a collective.

How does your clothing influence your performance? Or even your music?
We've always been a fan of layers. Because we play high intensity set it's nice if you take some pieces of clothing off during the show.

What sets denim apart from other fabrics for you?
Denim is rugged, sturdy and the fabric of the working class. We are in no way a famous band (yet some people within the brass band community really look up to us! We see you) and we identify as a band of and for the people. So in that way denim really suits us.

In what way do you value sustainability for your band’s style?
On our last album we wanted to create a poetic ode to Dutch nature and also critically look at the way it is threatened. On "Zwarte Sneeuw", Black Snow we critique the impact that Tata Steel has on the air quality of its surroundings. As a brass band we pride ourselves in not having to use any amps. We were able to record the Laaglands record using only a couple of batteries!
Wauw that's cool :). And what’s your favorite piece from the collection?
They are actually all really great. We like the overall quality and fit a lot. Oh and our stagediver Jeroen loved his carp t-shirt (lol).

KOIstyle Stagedive

What can we expect to experience during your upcoming shows?
Expect some new material we've been crafting after the release of our last album Laaglands earlier this year. A new single will follow soon!
We're also looking forward to a 3 week tour this summer throughout selected European countries, including countries we've never been before. Also a first-time club show in Berlin.
Bis bald Deutschland! 

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