Margreeth, Queen of CSR & Apparel Production

Talk us through your outfit. 
I am wearing the Taja shirt and the Kimberly Slit jeans.

What is one piece of clothing you can’t live without during the cold winter months and one- during the spring-summer period

M: My heavy, chunky, men’s navy knit. I bought it at a vintage kilo sale, best purchase ever. I love layering pieces and it’s really good for that! During the summer my Birkenstocks are my best friends. I can’t live without them!

Tell us about something that inspired you recently, be it a book, a movie, a podcast, a stranger on the street, a song or even a whole album! M: 
The book The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim. I grab it on a regular basis, the short texts you can find in there are really refreshing.

Favourite midday snack?

M: In the morning I love my cappuccino with oat milk and in the afternoon an orange never disappoints. I love and need my vitamins!

If you could get your hands on one thing on the Kings of Indigo website what would it be? 
M: The Yasu in beige: A-MA-ZING. I get cold very easily and I know it will keep me warm. With all the work we, the development- production department, put into this piece, I appreciate it even more. It turned out to be so cool and it has a recycled shell and lining insulation. Love it!

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