Milestones 2021

Did you know that when we started 10 years ago, people were impressed by us using organic cotton instead of conventional cotton? Being a sustainable brand requires constant innovation, and we’ve come a long way. Sustainability isn’t just a strategy, it’s a mindset. 

Here are some milestones we are proud of this year.

Good on You rating: GREAT

A milestone indeed, this independent platform rates ethical and sustainable brands to help consumers make the right choice, A ‘great’ rating from them is rare. For reference; TOMS is rated ‘not good enough', and Reformation and Patagonia get a mere ‘good’. Our holistic approach to sustainability is a lot of hard work, so we’re happy it’s being noticed. 

NO high impact denim 

Each of our denims is audited and rated with an Environmental Impact Measurement score to help you to make conscious choices. Low scores (which mean big impact) are a thing of the past. Today 55% of our collection is low impact and the other 45% is medium impact.

40k liters less water waste 

The denim industry is notorious for its water waste. Every year, we bring down the amount of water used for our collection. Compared to 2020, we saved 36.115 liters of water. That’s a 10 minute shower every day for a whole year!

Transparency level: 100%

Without transparency, sustainability is just a word. A new technology called Retraced allows us to document every step in the supply chain. By scanning the QR code on the hangtag, or by clicking on the transparency tab under each of the products on our website, you have all the background information available to help you to make a conscious choice and feel good about it.

72% of the collection made with recycled materials  

With 150 billion pieces of clothing made yearly for a global population of just 7 billion, recycling has infinite potential. By reusing waste material we make good use of what’s already there. Because why waste a good thing? 

And with that we close the year and wish you the best holidays and a happy new year!

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