New Retraced technology means full transparency, from cotton to closet.

The trace is on! 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, transparency IS sustainability. Nowadays, when every brand and their dog is barking about their sustainable credentials, it’s getting harder and harder to tell where truth ends and greenwashing begins. The problem was always ‘How the heck do you show your customers the journey of a garment?’ Now, thanks to the revolutionary Retraced technology we can offer just that – full transparency, from crop to closet. 

So, how does it work? 

That’s a complicated story, but essentially Retraced was developed to help you make better choices when it comes to your clothing. It documents every single stakeholder in the supply chain in such a way that we can actually streamline our processes, locate risks, monitor sustainability and ultimately gain trust all along that chain - and with you, our customers. Think of it like a story, a journey, that you can follow for each garment?

How do I see this journey? 

Oh, that’s the easy bit. You simply go to, go looking for the clothing you like, and then on the product page you’ll find the handy little module from Retraced under the title TRANSPARENCY. From here, you can run through each step in that garment's life so far – from crop, to fabric, to washing, dyeing and finishing – it even shows the emissions of each time it’s been in transit. 

How do I know it’s for real? 

Good question. There are many false claims in the fashion industry today. Next level transparency like Retraced is crucial, because it allows us to add every audit and verification that’s been done at the respective stage on a garment’s journey. From there, you simply click See Proof – and boom, there it is. The official certification. Sure, it can get a little dry, but that’s for us to worry about. The main thing, is it’s there, for everyone to see.

Why not ask your favorite sustainable brand what they’re doing in the realm of transparency? Who knows what you’ll find out! 

All good, we hope! ; )

Read more about Retraced here.


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