Our ‘Good On You’ rating just went up!

It’s always nice when somebody says: ‘Hey, you’re great.’ Even better, when it’s somebody whose positive reviews come about only through really thorough investigation. Good On You is a world-leading, independent platform that helps consumers choose environmental & social friendly brands. In the confusing and complicated storm we find ourselves in in fashion at the moment, where greenwashing, fast fashion and social irresponsibility reign supreme, great eco-conscious brands getting recognised and having their voices heard isn’t easy. But thanks to Good On You we’re now officially Great. The outcome is a four out of five score.

This source of trusted brand ratings, articles and guides on ethical and sustainable fashion lives online and through a handy app, so you can check brand ratings while you shop. The goal is to help you look good and feel good at the same time by connecting you to a selection of the best eco-brands.

Now more than ever this is crucial, as we begin to reconsider our consumer habits. To date, Good On You has assessed over 2,000 fashion brands for their impact on people, the planet and animals. Their ratings go from 1-5 for each of those categories as well as an overall score. Brands are rated ‘We Avoid’, ’Not Good Enough’, ’It’s A Start’, ’Good’ and ‘Great.’

Seriously though, while Great is obviously a fantastic score overall, it’s important to unpack it a little bit. For instance, we want to explain why we score only 4/5  - Good - on ‘people’ and ‘animals’, despite saying so often: ‘no humans nor animals harmed’. The first - people - has to do with paying living wages in the countries you produce as a brand. And we’re currently making an inventory of what exactly these wages should be when taking into account things like education and savings aside from providing for necessities of life. As stated in our most recent responsibility report, we will have adjusted wages accordingly by 2021 to make sure we get that 5/5 rating. As for the 4 stars in the animal category. That’s simple. Some items in our collections contain sheep’s wool. Even though 100% of the wool in our collection is recycled, this still affects our score as it means we are not 100% vegan.

But where would we be without targets, things to do better on? This Good On You score feels like a crowning achievement for Kings Of Indigo, not least because it means we’re now part of their Best In Class section on the app. But being a truly planet-friendly brand means not just keeping up with every. single. development in sustainable fashion to make our product better, but means leading the charge too. Here’s a little more about what we’ve been working on.

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