A vegan denim never hurt anybody.

It didn’t sit quite right with us that we are very much a sustainable brand when it comes to caring for the planet and its people, yet we still had leather patches on the majority of our denims. Since SS19, we started increasing the number of vegan denims, and in AW19 the entire denim collection was PETA approved vegan.

Now, starting a new year (and decade), we can proudly say that ALL of our denims are 100% vegan.

We have replaced leather with a composition of recycled polyester and new polyester and are pleased to see the patch keep that authentic leather look, without hurting a soul. We advise people not to wash their denims unless absolutely necessary, but when the time comes, then using a GuppyFriend washing bag is a good way to go. It helps reduce the number of microfibers that may enter rivers and oceans from washing. 

In 2020, we have also removed all leather belts and replaced them with belts made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.

By eliminating all leather from our collections, we are taking steps in lowering our carbon footprint and supporting a vegan lifestyle. In 2010, the United Nations reported that the best way to protect the environment was to adopt a vegan/vegetarian diet.* A study carried out by Oxford University shows that meat-eaters are responsible for over twice as much greenhouse gases than vegans. If you aren’t ready to make a big dietary change, then one way you can contribute to reducing carbon emissions is by opting for vegan denim (like ours!)

*For more information on how you can fight climate change with veganism, read about it on PETA’s website.

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