repair, recycle and re-use


Triple-R (Repair, Recycle and Re-use) is a big part of our philosophy.
Of course we want you to wear your jeans as long as you can.
When the time has arrived that your blues cannot be fixed with a little T.L.C., there are other options than just throwing it away:

1. Use the super heavy K.O.I. repair kit and D.I.Y
2. Bring them to a local tailor and get them fixed
3. Come to a K.O.I. repair pop-up event and have them fixed while you enjoy a fresh Budweiser
4. When ripped at the knee, promote them to shorts
5. Keep wearing them and show your sexy legs
6. Give them to charity or a homeless person
7. Make a piece of denim art, just for the beauty of it
8. Leave them at a K.O.I. triple-R event and get a discount on a new pair of K.O.I. jeans
9. Put them in the recycle bin. We will use them for our new products.

We keep innovating with post-consumer recycled (worn by you!) cotton.
A great example is our Red Light Denim collection, those items contain at least 18% recycled cotton made from old jeans worn and recollected in Amsterdam.


Feeling more creative? Re-use your blues by deconstructing and reconstructing them into new beautiful pieces of clothing. Check our youtube channel.


The clothing industry is a very complicated business and each step of the supply chain from raw material to finally disposal of garments after wearing them puts big pressure on the environment.
Kings of Indigo is trying to produce with having as less impact as possible by using sustainable materials and production techniques and producing close to home.
Kings of Indigo even takes it a step further with the use of recycled materials, which not only saves a lot water that is used for growing cotton.
But also saves resources since the fabric waste of disposed worn clothing as well as the factories’ cutting waste is used. The old fabrics and clippings are cut into fibres.
Afterwards these fibres are spun into yarns, and finally these yarns are woven into fresh new fabric for Kings of Indigo’s jeans and knitwear.
The maximum percentage of recycled fibres in a fabric is not 100% yet. Kings of Indigo and its suppliers keep innovating and try to increase the percentage constantly without losing quality of the fabric.

All Kings of Indigo’s hangtags and pocket flashers are made from bio carton, in 2018 all paper and carton used will be made from recycled carton.
Additionally 50% of the energy used at the Kings of Indigos HQ is generated by solar panels.

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