We like to challenge ourselves to find the most sustainable options when it comes to our garments, and our AW18 collection sees this challenge achieved.
We introduce you to; REFIBRA™

REFIBRA™is much like TENCEL™ (find out more about TENCEL™ here) except that the process recycles waste and gives nature a little break.

REFIBRA™is made from leftover cotton scraps that are collected from garment factories and combined with woodpulp. Thus, it is a technology that relies fully on re-using what is already there to create fresh fibers for use.

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REFIBRA™has been used a lot in our Autumn Winter collection with jumpsuits, trousers and blouses.
The way REFIBRA™ interacts with the garment dye means that each garment has a unique look to it. Some garments will come out in a stronger color, and some will have nuanced fades.


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