Roosje Kay, Queen of Marketing

Talk us through your outfit. 
I have the Alice Grey Washed jeans and the Sanjo jacket on.

What is one piece of clothing you can’t live without during the cold winter months and one- during the spring-summer period?
R: My natural indigo Shotoku in the winter and in the summer my Amy Long Dry.

Tell us about something that inspired you recently, be it a book, a movie, a podcast, a stranger on the street, a song or even a whole album! 
R: It would be a worm tower to reduce waste and re-use it better. A friend told me about it and now I am going to get one for my own garden. You can throw your natural (raw) kitchen waste into the worm tower and the worms will decompose it. The soil that comes out of it can be put in garden pots or in your garden if you have enough space to have a garden in Amsterdam or anywhere else.

Favourite midday snack? 
R: I usually don’t snack in the afternoon… I am more of a morning snacker. But I always need to eat something before I go on the bike ride back home from IJburg - otherwise you’ll find me passed out on the side of the road at the end of the day. Then I usually grab a (rice) cracker with some cheese. And when I have a beer at the office, I feel I need some crisps with it.

If you could get your hands on one thing on the Kings of Indigo website what would it be?  
R: Right now, knowing SS20 is coming online, I would like the Leila in Ecru.


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