Selvage for Days


Selvage is not only for Sundays! Kings of Shuttle loom is a range of premium selvage dry jeans of which the denim fabric is woven the authentic way. But what is that authentic way and what makes it so special?

Shuttle looms are machines that weave fabrics with a so-called self edge or selvage, on each side of the fabric. This edge, which can be recognized by a contrasting color, prevents unraveling of the fabric. Shuttle looms are smaller in width compared to modern projectile looms, and are also a lot slower, making the entire process of producing this type of denim more expensive.

The reason this way of weaving is still highly favoured over the modern way of weaving by all denim lovers, is that this selvage denim fabric is stronger, more durable and shows authentic characteristics that cannot be reproduced by projectile looms. It represents quality over quantity, and some nostalgia to the origin of denim.


In the eighties the entire denim market in the Western world was focusing on quick production and cheaper prices. Wider projectile looms were invented to replace the old shuttle looms, to weave more and faster. 

At the same time in Japan, there was a huge trend of wearing true vintage, or vintage inspired, clothing from the U.S., including selvage denim. A select group of Japanese craftsmen came up with the idea to reproduce this type of vintage denim, instead of wearing secondhand pieces flown in from the US. They started modifying old Japanese shuttle looms (normally used for other types of fabrics) to be able to produce this typical American fabric. These developments spawned into five brands, later know as the Osaka Five.

This (re)introduction of selvage denim evolved throughout Japan and more fabric mills started to produce selvage denim on these modified looms. Not long after, the Japanese became known worldwide for their high-quality denim, , making Japanese selvage denim a trademark of quality.


Wearing a pair of Kings of Shuttle Loom dry jeans, gives you the opportunity to create  your own worn in look, that represents your personal lifestyle, and at the same time helps to reduce water waste in the production chain.

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