Just don't do it

Why would the communications team of a fashion brand like to tell its customers about the negative impact of the fashion industry on this planet?! That sounds completely illogical. But that’s exactly what we’re going to do anyway. And we’ll also share a simple solution. 

Let’s look at the facts: In conventional apparel manufacturing, 2700 liters of water are needed to create one t-shirt. That’s enough drinking water for one person for 2,5 years. 

In order to keep our model of the economy afloat, markets and prices have to be ‘protected’. The result of this ‘protection’ is that even in a small country like the Netherlands, every year 1,23 million garments are destroyed. And so on. You might know the facts. 

But it’s not only clothing. It’s estimated that one-third of all food that’s produced for human consumption is being thrown away. We’ve gotten used to destroying our food and we’ve grown accustomed to burning perfectly fine products. What kind of an economy is this? It’s consumerism gone rogue. ‘Throwawayism’ seems a better term. 

Is there a cure for this disease? Yes, and it’s actually quite simple. The answer is “Just don’t do it”. Just don’t waste resources. Just don’t destroy what’s perfectly fine. How do we do this? Well, in our case a large part of our collection consists of ‘K.O.I Classics’. These are our ‘legacy fits’ that have proven themselves over the last ten years. They’re true classics we improve upon every season a tiny little bit in order to make them even better. They are never on sale. And they’re always available. It’s fashion that does not go out of style, it’s fashion that’s made to last and it’s stock that our customers cherish. No need to destroy it. Call it slow fashion. Or instant happiness that does not grow tired... We ”‘just don’t do it”, that’s our simple answer. 

Kings Of Indigo was founded with a clear goal. We wanted to make a difference. We wanted to do this right. 

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