The ultimate goal is to be the number one sustainable denim brand in the world!
We are committed to producing high quality products that are made to last, with sustainable production at the core of every garment. 









We hope to stimulate consumers to be more selective with what they buy and where they buy it from - encouraging a slower approach to fashion and longevity to items. 
To aid consumers with this last part, we live by our Triple R philosophy; Repair, Reuse, Recycle. As denim heads ourselves, we hope to impart our knowledge to inspire people to look after their jeans as well as possible, to mend and modify old pairs, and to discard of them responsibly when the time comes.


Offering quality clothing is key, but to do that, we have to be forward thinking.
We seem to produce quality wear for the next era which to us, means finding innovative and sustainable ways to produce.
We try to take a leading role in this, inspiring other brands to follow us when it comes to sustainable production. This is why we are transparent about every step of the production chain. Customers and other denim manufacturers can easily read where we buy our fabrics, stitch our garments and wash our jeans. We share this information so it is easy to see the road our garments have travelled - not that it is a very long road; we produce as close to home as possible so most of our garments can be sent by truck. Though we do not yet compensate these truck rides, we do compensate C02 on our flights when visiting production partners.
Our company car is an environmentally friendly option; a Tesla Model X - Electric.


In 2019, we will publish an updated sustainability report from the previous year that is 100% transparent on our production chain, our challenges, our growth in the sustainability field, as well as our carbon footprint.

By 2025, we aim to have a collection made of entirely recycled and man-made materials, so with every collection, we up the % to eventually achieve the 100% goal.

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I like the KOI jeans a lot in terms of fit and how they age, but keep buying them because of your sustainable credentials.

Tim March 27, 2019

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