The ultimate goal is to be the number one sustainable jeans brand in the world! We produce quality products that to last long; durable pieces. We stimulate people to be selective in what they buy and to wear their clothing for more than just a season or two. To help customers enjoy their clothing longer, we have introduced a Triple-R philosophy (Recycle, Repair, Reuse). With DIY video’s and imagery, we hope to inspire people to mend and modify their old jeans and not throw them away.


Offering quality clothing is key, but we have to look ahead. We produce quality wear for the next era, which means finding new, more sustainable ways to produce is our top priority. We try to take a leading role in this, inspiring other brands to follow us when it comes to sustainable production. This is why we are 100% transparent about every step of the production chain. Customers and other denim manufacturers can easily read where we buy our fabrics, stitch our garments and wash our jeans. We reveal all suppliers here so one can see exactly what road our garments have travelled. Not that it’s a very long road, we produce as close to home as possible so our garments can be sent by truck. Tough we don’t yet compensate these truck rides, we do compensate CO2 on our flights when visiting production partners. We own a company car; a Tesla Model X - Electric.


In 2018 we will publish a sustainability report that is 100% transparent on our production chain, our challenges, our growth in the sustainability field, as well as our carbon footprint.

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