Signature Details

When you buy a pair of Kings of Indigo jeans, you are buying more than a practical or fashionable item. You are using your power as a consumer to make the choice to wear a jean made by a brand that is committed to sustainability in every sense of the word.
Our values are simple; we want our garments to be made with a conscience and to be of the highest quality. These are the signature details that make our jeans ours and have both practical and sentimental value to them. By knowing these, we hope you will get to know your jeans and us, better.


The majority of Kings of Indigo jeans have leather patches that are made from 1mm thick leather. The patches all have the same artwork, with the exception of the Selvage Everlastin' and Shuttleloom range, which have their own specific artwork. In the current collection, there are two vegan options. One men's fit: Ryan, and one women's fit: Dido, have jacron patches made from pressed paper. From AW19, all of the leather patches will be replaced with recycled PET patches that are animal and environmentally friendly.


Kings of Indigo uses an overlock for the busted-out seam that is visible on the inside of the jean. The overlock stitch holds the edges of one or more fabrics together, creating a seam with high elasticity and strength. Signature royal blue yarn is used for a contrasting effect. Roll up your jeans to show it off!


Rivets help reinforce the stress points where jeans are most likely to tear at the pocket edges. All the jeans have four front rivets, and one extra rivet on the back pocket with the koi carp fish logo as a special detail. The metal used for the rivets and button zip in the AW18 collection is recycled from old hospital equipment.


Bar tacks are a crucial component of what makes a quality jean last long. Bar tacks are tight zigzag stitches that are repeated many times to reinforce an area of fabric typically where there is more pressure - for example on belt loops, the fly and hips. Kings of Indigo has an extra tack on the left side of the jean in the shape of a fish bone. This is referring to the koi carp.


Aside from the patch, a sure way to spot a Kings of Indigo jean is to look out for the signature wave. The arcuate stitch on the back pockets and on the coin pocket on all of our jeans is that of a wave. The wave connotes with water, which is the natural habitat of the koi carp.


On the inside of the jeans, the right-side pocket has a story. The fabric used is a ticking stripe and made from 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled polyester. Kings of Indigo chose this as a feature because of the history of the striped fabric, which was used to cover mattresses and pillows in old state prisons in the U.S.


Every Kings of Indigo jean comes with a specially designed pocket flasher . The koiboy riding the carp is a fun graphic that draws together our main inspirations; Japan and America. The cowboy is riding the koi carp fish, which in Japanese culture stands for love, luck and perseverance.
Specific ranges of jean; Everlastin' and Shuttleloom denim, have their own artwork referring to their unique details.
All the pocket flashers are made from recycled paper in the Kings home city of Amsterdam.

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