The best offence is a good defence! Introducing Polygiene, in Indigo Panama

Hear the call! Swimming against the tide of climate change requires strong strategies and solidarity - everybody doing their bit, swimming together, with the new technologies available. We’re learning all the time, and with so many great minds on the mission, every day brings a new innovation! Today we’re unveiling another of our favourites. It’s called polygiene, and it’s the secret weapon of our new Indigo Panama collection. 

Being a sustainable brand at heart, we want to make sure every part of our product is people, planet & animal friendly. From the materials to the trims and the buttons - even the packaging. When it comes to a brand’s water-usage, 2/3rds of a product’s waste happens at home - after the garment arrives with you. It’s out of our hands, but does that mean we can’t do something to help reduce the impact? No, why should it? Enter: Polygiene. 

Polygiene is a special treatment that helps you keep your clothes fresh for longer. Think of it like a protective shield. Since home laundering accounts for so much of a garment’s impact on nature, the logical solution is to reduce how often your garments need to be washed, right? This saves water, energy, time and money - but it also improves the lifespan of a product. With Polygiene you can wear more, wash less and be climate conscious all at the same time.

“Polygiene fights odour-causing bacteria at the source, by using low concentrations of silver salt (silver chloride), which has antimicrobial properties. It stays fresh. None of this makes a difference to our Triple-R philosophy, as all Polygiene treated garments can be recycled - but the less you wash, the less stress put on your garments - so they’ll live longer anyway!”- Margreeth, CSR Manager

The star of this new innovation? Our Indigo Panama collection. Taken from the Kings Of Indigo AW20 season, Indigo Panama is a loosely woven fabric. It’s thick, yet feels light, with a fluid drape. Colored with natural indigo dye, Indigo Panama will fade a little over time in much the same way as our beloved denim does. Every garment will develop its own character, it’s own story. But for those who love that deep blue, you can thank Polygiene: because you won't have to wash it as often. Now it’s down to you.

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