Waste is such a waste don’t you think?

As resources are limited we have to find smarter ways to use them. We believe that reuse has infinite potential for the future of sustainable fashion and other industries too. But to do it right, brands need to fundamentally change their ways and take responsibility for their products before they are made, and after they’ve been sold. 

Circularity is the key word here. We don’t just want the material to be recyclable, we want it to be recycled in the first place. The goal is to avoid gathering new raw material as much as possible by reusing what’s already there, over and over and over again. 

Sounds good right? But it does require brands to start regarding products as raw materials for the future. That means taking into consideration that future, right from the start in the design and production process. If we take our business as a reference, we focus on using (recycled) mono-materials to make it easier to recycle and reuse these garments at the end of their lifecycle. We are also using more removable buttons and patches to prepare our garments for reuse. Using only durable, quality materials is our priority and that has everything to with the fact that we want that raw material to live on.  

People are becoming more conscious of their impact, they don’t want to be wasteful and throw things away. It’s important to make it easy for them to acquire, care for and pass on products in circular ways, such as repairing, reselling, and recycling them.

Buying from sustainable brands is great but making real good use of your purchase is the best kind of sustainable. We’d like you to wear our clothes until the very last thread, we hope you will repair them when they break. And if you’re really over them, we hope you sell them to someone who will wear them instead. To help you do just that, we’ve just introduced the option where you can send in your used Kings Of Indigo garment to be sold on a second hand platform and in exchange you get spending money for a purchase on our website that suits you better. It’s these kinds of initiatives that have the future. Let’s do it right. 

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