We made a deal. And kept our word.

Together with like minded denim brands such as MUD jeans and Kuyichi, we signed a ‘Denim Deal’ in the winter of 2020. This extraordinary deal required participants to commit to an international collaboration towards ‘Closing the Loop’ with new solutions to make Post-Consumer Recycling of Textiles (PCR) the New Denim Industry Standard. 

In a timespan of three years, we pledged working towards using 5% post-consumer recycled cotton in our denim. We are happy to report that we’ve kept our word, and then went above and beyond.  

The Denim Deal is an alliance of international frontrunners in the denim industry. The goal for brands taking part was to start making good use of the giant amount of waste our industry is notorious for. The Kings Of Indigo team took the challenge and ran with it. Being a pioneer in sustainability, we were already knee deep in reusing waste material. So in all fairness, we might have had a head start. But that doesn’t keep us from feeling a sense of pride and joy as we report that by next summer, not 5% of our denims, but 20% of our entire collection will be made from post-consumer waste material.

By re-using that ‘waste' in new products, we save a lot of C02 and prevent unnecessary environmental pollution. We really want to put our best foot forward working towards a circular economy in which textile waste is a thing of the past. Because why waste a good thing? 

Stay tuned for the full report on the achievements of all that are involved which will appear in a month or two. Together we are changing the denim industry.

Read more on www.denim-deal.nl.

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