What Makes A 'Clean Jean'?

Circular Stories is a platform with campaigns for the circular economy ‘continuously on the hunt’ for inspiring stories about ‘leadership, business models and the transition of circular entrepreneurs’. And in their hunt, they found us. In the past months Circular Stories Founders, Ellekari and Mariëlle have dug deep to find out what motivated our Founder, Tony Tonnaer, to start his brand and how circularity fits into our business and products. 

Circular Stories’ extensive interview with Tony unraveled that denim and sustainability are in his DNA, and his relentless passion for both have helped create a brand with which he can make a difference in the industry. As part of the research, we quite literally took apart one of our denims (Alice Re-Gen) piece by piece. This process revealed the raw materials of the fabric, but also the trims - the pocketing, stitching, labels, buttons, rivets - to determine the amount of recycled content and/or if it could be recycled to make a new product. 

The film created by Circular Stories gives a transparent insight into what makes a ‘Clean Jean’ using our most important sustainability pillars; raw materials, water use and social responsibility as the framework for how we create our products. 

While we don’t fully identify as being a ‘circular’ company, we do believe in the growing importance of a circular economy and encourage the fashion industry to make changes toward such a model. Using recycled materials has always been incredibly important to us. With every collection, we seek to increase the percentage with an overall goal of having a collection made entirely from recycled materials by 2025. 

To find out more about what circularity means for us, take a look at Circular Stories case study and video on their website: www.circularstories.org 

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