Over the past few days it’s felt like the fabric of life is unravelling a little. Strange, isn’t it? How quickly things change. But we believe in the power of people to hold it down, and amid all these new developments, we’re still here for you.

Our team are working from home. Maybe you are also. Separated yet united. You may be at home with your kids. Or may be enjoying an involuntary break from work or school with friends or loved ones.

kings of indigo working from home coronavirus

Stay connected, we're here for you.

Working from home in this current climate is a luxury that not all can afford. However, if you do have a job that allows you to manage your workload from the safety of your own home, it's also important to know when to switch off and use your time differently.

Some ideas to keep yourself entertained at home:

  • Sort through your wardrobe and rediscover old favorites.
  • Or start selling items you don't wear anymore on second hand websites.
  • Finally repair that shirt/jean/jacket with a hole in it!
  • Show your plants some love – give them enough water, talk to them, hug them if you really want.
  • Finish that book you usually fall asleep reading in bed.
  • Call your mum/dad/sister/brother/best friend/distant relative.
  • Eat well, stretch your legs and get enough sleep.
  • Oh and, keep washing your hands.


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