Cropped Jeans for Women

Let’s show off those ankles ladies! Our collection of cropped jeans for women will help you do just that. Perfect for summer with a printed tee and a pair of sneakers or sandals. But also suited for cold days with some striking boots. Tough, sporty or even a little more dressed, ladies cropped jeans are versatile and wearable for almost any occasion. The office, a lunch date with friends or even a night of clubbing. Where are you off to?

Women’s Skinny or Straight Cropped Jeans

Whether you like your jeans to be skinny, regular, or even more loose fitted: we have got you covered. Check our Women's fit guide to discover different fits, to make sure they will always match your personal style. Try a pair of our cropped straight leg jeans for women or switch it up with a women’s cropped skinny jeans. Finish the look with your favorite top and shoes, and you are ready to go!

Color coded Cropped Jeans

Obviously, they are not really color coded, but they do come in different colors. The cropped jeans for ladies are not only available in different shades of blue, but also in white, grey and even black. Our advice? Get multiple colors to create the ideal wardrobe! Who says you can have too many cropped jeans? We understand that, when you finally find that perfect pair of cropped women’s jeans, you want to hold on to them for as long as possible. That is why you should always wash your jeans inside out at a low temperature of 30 degrees. Don’t feel obligated to wash them too often either. Just air them out after one or two wears and they will be fine to wear another day. You will save your cropped jeans and save water at the same time! After washing, don’t put them in the dryer, that will fade the color. Hang your pants out to dry instead. And finally, be a bit stingy with detergent. Your new cropped jeans are not a fan of excessive detergent use.

Not feeling the Cropped Women’s Jeans?

Well, okay. That’s possible of course! Sometimes we prefer to keep our ankles warm too. Feel free to browse our Women's fit guide for all the styles that we offer. Maybe the classic regular fit is more your style, or maybe your heart will skip a beat for the perfect pair of slim fit jeans. More of a vintage type of girl? In that case you can’t go wrong with a nice flared fit.

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