Men’s Grey Denim Jeans

Most men do not feel the need for an overflowing walk-in closet. We get that. But we do recommend that every man should at least have a couple of good basics in his wardrobe. Besides the classic blue jeans, a good shirt and some basic tees that also includes a pair of grey jeans. Whether it’s a pair of light grey jeans or dark grey denim jeans for men is up to you.

Dark grey jeans for men

Decided to go for the dark option? Great! Let’s talk about denim then. Now that the color is picked, you can decide what fit you would like to wear. We have lots of options to choose from. Try the classic regular fit, opt for a slightly modern tapered fit or get a hold of a pair of slim fit jeans. Always choose the clothes you feel most comfortable in. Also, we hear grey ripped denim jeans for men are quite popular, maybe that’s the way to go for you? Dark grey ripped men’s jeans are perfect for that everyday casual look. Pair them with a basic tee (which should also be in your closet, remember?) and your favorite sneakers and you are ready to go.

Make your grey jeans last

Always wash your jeans correctly, so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Especially with the color grey it’s important to follow the washing instructions. You don’t want your men’s dark grey denim jeans to fade right? Exactly. That’s why you should always wash jeans inside out and at a temperature of 30 degrees. Don’t be too heavy on detergent and never put your jeans in the dryer. Always hang them out to dry. It will not only make your jeans happy, but the environment too.

Are grey denim jeans for men not for you?

Maybe a pair of dark grey jeans is not what you are looking for. Or maybe, you already own some ripped grey denim jeans for men. Luckily, we offer a lot more than just grey pants. Take a look at some of the other color jeans in our collection. Try something blue, like Eco Recycled Blue Used or Clean Biostretch Light. Or opt for black with Clean Platino Organic Dry or Stay Black Rinse. Even if jeans are not on your wishlist, there are plenty of other pants and shorts to choose from.

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