High Waisted Jeans

They will make you look both classic and timeless at the same time. We are of course talking about the high waisted jeans. Available for both men and women, and everyone in between, the high waisted jeans are the way to go when selecting a suitable outfit for the day. Create a sporty and casual look with a basic tee, a warm sweater and your favorite pair of sneakers. Switch it up by the end of the day with a blouse and some dressed shoes. Maybe a pair of heels or some faux leather shoes will do the trick. From day to night and from sporty to smart casual in a matter of seconds.

High Waist Jeans in different colors and fits

Whether you prefer a dark or a light wash, we have the perfect high waisted jeans for you. A dark pair in Eco Recycled Black Worn will pair amazingly with a basic white tee and some white sneakers, giving your outfit a striking contrast. The Xavier Vintage Super Light is a nice light blue color that’s perfect for a spring or summer vibe. A little lighter? Then white jeans in Holo Optical White are the perfect choice for you. When you have found a color that suits your desires, it is time to choose the preferred fit. There are also a lot of different options there, so have a seat and browse the collection with us. If you are craving something really comfortable we can highly recommend a pair of loose fit jeans or balloon fit jeans. Of course, there is also the all time classic regular fit or the popular slim fit. The flared fit jeans will give your outfit a bit of a vintage feel. But that’s not all. You can also opt for stretch, low stretch or no stretch at all. Lots of choices to make and options to choose from right? It’s almost like we have a ‘build your own high waisted jeans station’!

Washing your High Waisted Jeans

Oops! Spilled something on your pants? Or did you wear them so often this week that a wash is inevitable by now? No worries, we get it and we know just what to do! First, turn your jeans inside out. This will protect the color and prevent the outside of the fabric from getting damaged. Next, give the jeans a 30 degree wash and be a bit stingy on the detergent when turning the washing machine on. After washing hang your high jeans out to dry, preferably outside. But when it’s raining a useful little drying rack is also fine. As long as you do not use the dryer your jeans are happy.

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