Low Waist Jeans

Looking for some new jeans? Maybe some flared jeans with a low waist, or low waist straight jeans? Whatever it is that you are looking for, there are plenty of options to choose from. Already trendy during the zero’s, but making a real comeback these last few years. A unique pair of low jeans are the perfect base for your wardrobe.

Flared Jeans with a Low Waist

Get the best of both worlds with low waist flare jeans. With a waist that falls just below your belly button and legs that flare out from the knee down, you will achieve a vintage looking vibe with a modern twist. Pair your new pants with a simple top, like a basic tee or a unicolored sweater. After all, you want the attention to stay on those beautiful pants, right? If you’re not a fan of the flared look, you can also opt for straight jeans with a low waist. Timeless classics for sure, those straight pants. The ideal option when you want to look simple and casual, but still put together. The real perk is that straight jeans are suited for both men and women, and everyone in between. So take a quick look at our jeans collection to see if we have something that fits your personal style.

Enjoy your Low Waist Jeans

Every now and then it’s time to turn on that washing machine. Not after every wear, but maybe after a couple a quick wash is not redundant. In order to make your jeans last as long as possible we advise you to give them a 30 degree wash and always turn them inside out. After washing it’s best to hang your jeans out to dry, because your low waist jeans are definitely not a fan of the dryer. Whether you picked a white, blue, gray or even a black pair, keeping them away from the dryer will ensure that the color will last. And that is exactly what you want right?

In the mood for a medium or high waist?

The low waist jeans are not for everyone, we get that. Especially super low waist jeans are very daring! We would be scared of our underwear showing too. Maybe a medium or high waist is more suited for you then? Feel free to take a look at our Fit Guide to check the different waists, fits and colors that our collection has to offer. We are positive there is something in there for you too!

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