Recycled Denim

Is the environment very important to you as well? Then a pair of recycled jeans is what you need! Here at Kings Of Indigo we have the objective to produce clothing in a sustainable way, both socially and environmentally. Without compromising on quality, because you should always be able to feel good and comfortable. Needless to say that recycled jeans are definitely a part of that objective. That is why you will find jeans in our 100% Recycled Collection that are created out of 100% certified organic cotton (GOTS or OCS). Up to 95% of the clothes that we sell are made of sustainable materials and we always ensure fair and safe working conditions at our production facilities. Yes, we take recycled denim very seriously!

Recycled Jeans in multiple fits

Just like any other type of jeans, the recycled jeans come in different fits, waists and colors too. For men, women and everyone in between. Try the classic regular fit, the more modern tapered fit or even the vintage looking flared fit. There really is a suitable fit for any mood or occasion. After that it’s time to check out the different waist options. Pick a low waist or get the exact opposite with a high waist. Of course, you can also opt for the perfect middle with a medium waist. Finally, the moment to show some color has arrived. Whether you prefer a darker or lighter color, it’s all there. What do you think about the black Eco Recycled Black Worn or the white Holo Optical White? Do you prefer a blue wash? Then the Eco Recycled Blue Used might be just right for you.

Recycle Jeans and keep them happy

When you finally get your hands on a pair of recycled jeans, you want to enjoy them for as long as possible. Because, what's the point of recycling jeans if you don't treat those jeans properly and can dispose of them again in no time? Right, there is none. That is why your recycled denim should always be washed inside out at 30 degrees. Don’t be too heavy on detergent, because the fabric is not a fan of that stuff. If you ever feel the need to be stingy, now is the time. After washing we strongly advise you to hang your jeans out to dry instead of using the dryer. Actually, it is better not to use that dryer anyway, the environment will thank you.

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