We’re flying high with these super high waisted jeans. Perfect to add a little touch of vintage feel to your casual outfit. Combine your high waisted denim with your favorite tee and sneakers, or spice things up with a pair of killer heels. Whether you are staying in, going to the office or out with friends: a pair of jeans like these are suitable for almost any occasion.
Our super high waist fits
Not sure how the high waisted jeans will fit you? This design fits pretty narrow around the waist and hips, and comes all the way up to your belly button. For the legs we actually have multiple options for you. Go for a timeless classic with the regular fit or opt for even more comfort with a loose fit. In the mood for something edgy? Then the balloon fit is perfect for you.
Did you know that the material of your jeans has a lot of impact on the comfort? Jeans with elastane or recycled elastane are more stretchy. The majority of our high waisted jeans are fabricated from cotton or recycled cotton, just like most other jeans are. But some of them are different, like the hemp or linen pairs. Because of the airy and breathable quality of these fabrics, these super high waisted jeans are perfect for a warm day. What are we subtly trying to say with this? Regardless of the season or temperature, you can always wear a pair of jeans!
Super high waist denim in multiple colors
Let's talk about rainbows and color schemes. No, just kidding. But our high waisted jeans do come in a variety of colors. Blue, white, black, gray or ecru. We even have some dashing striped options for you! Order a pair of jeans with a super high waist in Vintage Light Blue or Holo Optical White for that light, fresh summer feel. Eager to try something dark? In that case you might like the Clean Clear Hemp Rise or the Eco Recycled Black Worn jeans.
Super High Waisted Jeans Sale
Well, we can’t promise you that we will always have items on sale. But keep checking in, subscribe to our newsletter or join our social community. We would love to have you and that way you will be the first to know when we do have your favorite super high waisted jeans on sale.


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