Loose Fit Jeans

Comfortable, more comfortable, most comfortable. With a pair of loose fit jeans you really hit the jackpot when it comes to comfort. And it does not hurt that you still look fashionable while wearing them. The loose fit jeans are completely in fashion at the moment, for both men and women. The loose fit has a loose fit (doh, sherlock!) on the buttocks, thighs and lower legs. This gives these pants a baggy and casual look. Perfect for that everyday outfit right? Make your look even more baggy by combining the loose jeans with a loose-fitting sweater or make a 180 degrees turn and combine them with a tight, form fitting top. This can be a basic tee, a nice shirt or even a cropped top. In that regard, loose fit jeans are quite a versatile piece of clothing.

No stretch needed

Do you want to know the greatest thing about jeans with a loose fit? Putting them on and taking them off is super easy. Say goodbye to super slim fit, because wiggling yourself in all kinds of turns to put jeans on is past tense! That is why loose jeans usually don’t have any stretch. There is simply no need to add it to these types of pants.

The loose fit color parade

Did we convince you that loose jeans are the way to go? Great! Let’s talk about colors and washes next. Jeans are not only available in blue like in the old days. No, we have a wide collection of colors available! Try a pair in black, grey or even white and switch things up. How amazing do loose jeans in Eco Recycled Black Worn look? Although, Vintage Light Blue is quite perfect for a fresh, light summer look. Combined with a white tee or some cute pastels? That will definitely turn some heads.

Looking for something else?

Do you want to alternate your loose fit jeans with something else? No problem! Try one of the different jeans fits. Maybe you would like the classic regular fit, or the tight and modern slim fit. You will get that ultimate vintage feel with a flared pair and if you are feeling edgy the balloon fit might be just right for you. Whichever fit or jeans you pick, we do want to advise you on washing them the right way. Just so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Put your jeans inside out and give them a 30 degree wash. All clean? Don’t put them in the dryer, but hang them out to dry. Much better for both your clothes and the environment.

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