Regular Fit Jeans

You can never go wrong with an all time classic like this. It’s for good reason that these jeans are so popular. Comfort, style, versatility... These pants have it all. Yes, we are talking about the regular fit jeans!

Regular Jeans for every occasion

Jeans in a regular fit are the perfect option for both a super casual look as a smart-casual look. Simply switch up your other pieces to create something with a completely different feel. Go for your favorite sneakers if you are feeling sporty, and opt for a nice pair of boots when you are in the mood to wear something a bit more dressed. The same goes for combining your regular fit jeans with a printed tee or a nice shirt. You can really go in any direction. Our collection offers both regular fit jeans for women and men, and everyone in between. Pick a pair with a low, medium or high waist and finish your outfit how you would like. Don't forget to also make a choice in stretch. Do you want stretch or no stretch at all? Or do you prefer to walk the middle path with the low stretch option?

Regular Fit Jeans in every color

Big fan of jeans in a regular fit? Then you should really consider making it the foundation of your wardrobe. After all, it really is a piece of clothing that is always suitable. Especially when you splurge on regular fit jeans in multiple colors you have the perfect base for many different outfits. Go for a dark pair like Stay Black or Midnight Worn, go for traditional blue jeans like Clean Steven Mid Modal or opt for a fresh, light color like Clean Holo Light or even Holo Optical White.

Maintaining your Regular Fit Jeans

We understand that washing clothes is not your favorite hobby. But if you want your new jeans to last as long as possible, you don’t really have a choice. However, washing jeans too often is not a good idea either. When laundry day does arrive, give your regular jeans a 30 degree wash and hang them out to dry after. We don’t recommend to put your jeans in the dryer, not only for maintaining the quality of the fabric, but also because of the impact it has on the environment. And be honest, how nice is it if you can hang your freshly washed clothes outside in the sun?

Broaden your jeans collection

Whenever you feel like you need something different than regular fit jeans we have got you covered as well. Besides regular jeans, we also have a lot of choices in other fits. Try the modern slim fit, the vintage looking flare fit or opt for a funky tapered fit. Which fit makes you happy?

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