Relaxed Fit Jeans

Who needs a spa day? Chill, unwind and be at ease with a pair of relaxed fit jeans. The relaxed fit can be recognized by the straight and slightly loose model. This means you don't have to wriggle in all kinds of turns to get them on or off. No stress when it’s time to get dressed, which sounds like heaven if you ask us. The loose fit of these pants make them perfect for any type of casual look. Combine your relaxed jeans with your favorite tee, a printed one or even a basic one. It doesn't really matter, because it all works. Finish your look with sneakers for a sporty look, boots if you are feeling touch or pick your favorite pair of heels if you want to class it up. Jeans with a relaxed fit really are a versatile piece of clothing. Imagine a nice blue pair, a white tee, white sneakers and a nice blazer to top it off. Classic right?

Colorful relaxed jeans

Did you know that relaxed fit jeans are available in different colors and washes? Yes, it’s true! Our jeans collection offer not only blue jeans, but also options like black, grey and white. Perfect if you want to switch things up a little. Try a fresh white like Holo Optical White for summer or get a pair of darker jeans like Mid Marble Gleen for fall and winter. Although, we are big fans of dark jeans combined with a white tee too. Basic and always good.

Stretch it up?

Because of the loose and straight fit that relaxed jeans have, they usually don’t have any stretch. Why? Well, because you don’t really need it if you don’t have to wriggle to get them on. Relaxed fit jeans are comfortable on their own and don’t need extra help to convince you of their awesomeness. We’re just kidding of course, but they are really very comfortable. A pair of jeans with a relaxed fit should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe, even if you are maintaining a minimal capsule wardrobe.

Not a relaxed kind of person?

Do you think that the relaxed fit is not entirely for you? Or maybe you already have some loose-fitting pants in your closet? Either way, you should really take a look at our Fit Guide. We have a lot more options to pick from! Consider the vintage looking flared jeans, the modern looking tapered jeans, the popular regular fit or the common slim fit. Both for men and women, there are plenty of choices in fit and color.


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