Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit jeans have been popular with both men and women for many years now, and we are positive they will remain popular for many years to come. That is why a wide range of slim jeans have been added to our collection. Take a look at all of the different options and pick the perfect pair for you.

Slim Fit Jeans, tailored to your needs

Stretch level, the height of the waist and the color or wash. The benefit of all of these choices is that your new slim jeans will feel like they are tailor-made for you. Decide whether or not you would like stretch in your pants, or no stretch at all. You could also opt for the middle with low stretch. Besides stretch we also offer jeans in slim fit with different waists. Pick between a low, medium or high waist. After that it’s time to spin the color wheel. Get a lighter blue color like Eco Tormund Tencel Bright, or go in the opposite direction with a darker wash. Maybe Gorbi Blue Worn is the right match for you. Another option is to splurge and get multiple colors! That way your jeans collection will form the perfect base for your wardrobe.

Turn your Slim Fit Jeans into an outfit

Buying jeans is fun and all, but you do need to combine them with some other items to create an outfit. Style your jeans with a colored tee and your favorite sneakers to get a sporty and casual look. Want to feel a bit more put together today? Then a nice shirt will do the trick! Needless to say that a good pair of slim fit jeans can be styled in many different ways. Even when you are a big fan of the capsule wardrobe jeans in slim fit are a real must have, both for men and women. The fit narrows from the hips to the knees, and from here your jeans will get slightly straighter to the ankles. Don’t confuse the slim jeans with a skinny fit, which runs narrow down the entire length of the legs.

Looking for something different?

Sometimes a little variety is nice, which is why you will find various other models in our Fit Guide in addition to those versatile slim fit jeans. If you are craving something really comfortable we can highly recommend a pair of loose fit jeans or balloon fit jeans. That perfect vintage feel will come from a pair of flared jeans. Of course, there is also the all time classic regular fit. Which one will fit your needs?

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