Let’s talk about tapered leg men’s jeans shall we? Because this versatile style definitely is a must have for every men’s wardrobe. The classic waist combined with a more modern leg is a perfect choice for your daily, more casual look.
As the name already tells you this particular style is designed as a pair of men’s jeans with a tapered ankle. Starting off more roomy around the waist like normal regular fit jeans, the legs gradually tighten from the thighs and as the leg moves further down. Form fitting, but not too tight. One might even say that this design turns the straight tapered jeans for men on the top into slim tapered men’s jeans at the bottom.
A nice bonus that these narrow ankles give you is that the tapered jeans will fall nicely on your shoes, not over them. Making it possible to show off your favorite pair of sneakers or dress shoes.
The best men’s tapered jeans
We don’t want to tell you that life is a competition. But we are prepared to claim that our collection consists of some very good pairs of tapered jeans. With a wide range of colors to choose from we are quite certain that you will find the perfect pair. From a classic blue like Clean Tormund Tencel Tint to a tough and sturdy black like Stay Black Rinse. There will always be a pair of tapered fit jeans for men that will match your personal style.
Taking care of your tapered leg jeans
Even though washing clothes is not rocket science, we feel obligated to at least give you some advice on how to wash your jeans. Wash your jeans at a low temperature of 30 degrees and always turn them inside out. Your jeans are not a fan of detergent, so don’t use too much. Using the dryer is also not recommended, so just let your tapered men’s jeans hang outside to dry. That way you can enjoy them for as long as possible.
In need of another style?
Sometimes you want to switch things up, we get that. That is why the tapered fit is not the only style available. Take a look around and find out if our other styles match your desires. You might be more of a straight fit, or regular fit kind of guy. Or maybe the slim fit jeans are just right for you.

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