Leather patch

Each Kings of Indigo jeans has a leather patch on the back that correspondents with the product line. All patches are made from 1mm thick leather. Except for the patches on our premium jeans, they have 2mm thick patches. For our Veggie denim line as well as white jeans we use jacron patches, made from pressed paper.

Royal Blue Overlock at out seam

Kings of Indigo uses an overlock for the busted out seam, visible on the inside. The overlock stitch holds the edges of one or more fabrics together, creating a seam with high elasticity and strength. Signature royal blue yarn is used for a contrasting effect.

Back Logo Rivet

Rivets reinforce the pocket edges. All jeans have one rivet on the right back pocket and an additional four at the front. The rivet on the back pocket acts as an extra branding feature and makes it easier to recognize a K.O.I jeans.

Donut rivet

Many manufacturers replaced the donut rivet by the nipple rivets because they are cheaper to produce. Kings of Indigo stayed with the donut rivets. More expensive but they last much longer.

Fish bone bar tack

A bar tack reinforces the jeans. Placed on a spot where the most force is put on, the bar tack prevents the jeans from tearing. Kings of Indigo has an especially designed bar tack in the shape of a fish bone, referring to the koi carp.

Arcuate Stitch

This decorative stitching on the back pockets and coin pockets is a true signature detail. Mostly stitched in blue; this arcuate stitch represents water, the natural habitat of the koi carp.

Fit name label

All Kings of Indigo jeans have a label communicating fit name and description, at the front inside of the waistband.

Ticking stripe pocketing

The fabric used for the pocket bag on the right side of the jeans is a ticking stripe. This striped fabric was also used to cover mattresses and pillows in the old U.S. state prisons