Sustainable innovation: Recycled PET

Let’s use what we have, to make something better

In the last ten years, humans have created more plastic waste than had been produced in the last century. While there is nothing that can be done about that sad fact, what can be done is to slow down this rate of production by turning our heads to an alternative; using what is already there.

Synthetic fibers are the most popular in the world across the industries – with a rough estimate being that they make up around 65% of the fibers in the world, versus around 35% of natural fibers.
There is a tendency to believe that when it comes to the environment, only things labelled as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ or ‘eco’ are superior. Although they are not to be disregarded, there also needs to be a shift in mindset when talking about synthetic fibers.

Polyester uses less energy during the washing and cleaning process, it saves natural resources and is completely recyclable at the end of its life – this last point is what Kings of Indigo finds particularly interesting.

In our latest collection, we have produced a range of jackets made entirely from recycled polyester (PET) collected from the plastic waste pile of post-consumer bottles.
So not only is the shell made from recycled PET, but the lining and filling too. Padded with Primaloft insulation, this jacket does not contain any animal parts, an alternative to classic puffer jacket lining of down feathers.

The Kings of Indigo Autumn Winter collection has both long and short puffer jackets, as well as body warmer vests. In sticking with our brand message that is stitched on each of the jackets, we make quality wear for the next era and these pieces are testament to that.