Quality wear for the next era

The unique thing about denim is that it is for everybody. Almost every person on the face of the earth owns a pair of blue jeans. All these people, young or old, urban, hippy, cowboy or lawyer, have found a specific pair of jeans that suits them. 

Producing a product that appeals to such a large group of people is challenging. Though denim is a ‘common good’, do not be mistaken. There are very specific details that make a good pair of jeans. Not everybody will notice the quality of the fabric, the minor selvage detail, the whiskers and wear. But those who do, are critical to the max, and they have every right to be. Denim is a cult, a way of life, it is a state of mind. By wearing your denim a certain way you show ‘you’.

For the most part of my career I have been working with denim, for almost twenty years now. Kings of Indigo is the first company I started myself. At this point we have a dedicated team of ten passionate people working from the Amsterdam based headquarters. To see an idea emerge into an actual brand is magical. The fact that we see people who tried a pair of Kings of Indigo jeans come back for more is the best compliment. It motivates me to develop more innovative products, with a conscience! - Tony Tonnaer, founder -