Skinny fit with a tilted top that sits low at the front, and high at the back to make sure it is not exposed. Back pockets are a bit curved to follow and shape the body, giving it a light lift. The jeans are skin tight from top to bottom


Slim fit with a mid rise. The fit hugs the body, but is not skin tight. In the collection since day one, Juno has proven itself to be a core slim fit. The back pockets are slightly curved to follow and shape the body, giving it a subtle lift.


Skinny fit with a high rise. The back pockets are longer to fit the higher rise and have a slight curve to follow and shape the body. The fit is skin tight all the way down.


Low rise with a straight top that hugs the body but is not tight. The top part of the leg is slim and follows the body. From the knee down the leg is cut straight.


Body hugging fit in non-stretch fabrics. With a high rise and a straight leg this is a fashionable style worn best with a roll up, or cut it to make it a bit cropped. The lack of stretch helps it keep its form and hold problem areas in place.


Loose fit with a long rise. The ultimate feminine boyfriend fit. The crotch is slightly dropped for a casual touch. The leg is tapered. Worn best with sneakers or high heels.


Regular fit, flared skinny. The style has a high rise and slightly longer back pockets to follow and shape the body. Marie has the same top block as Christina. The leg is tight at the thighs and flared from the knee down.


Flared high rise, with a body hugging feeling at the top and a super wide leg from the thigh down, this is a strong classic. The back pockets are longer and a bit curved to follow the shape of the body.