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One, two, three and four hand dip indigo baths bring the typical blue color to the apparel range creating unique shades and patterns of blue. From one dip, light shades, to four dips, deep dark indigo coloring. Indigo dying is one of the oldest methods to bring color to clothing. K.O.I uses the plant Indigo Fera and does all the hand dying in Jaipur, India, where this technique is originally from.

The prints on the natural indigo items are also applied by hand, either with a woodblock or with a screen. Both techniques are done with the same materials but the screen print allows detailing to pop out. A mud resist solution is made fresh out of natural product such as gum and soil. This solution leaves the fabric clean where it is pressed with the woodblock or screen, leaving a print or pattern after dipping it in indigo.

Watch out, Natural indigo may bleed! The color also may fade a little each time you wash it, hand wash the first few times for the best result. Natural Indigo

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