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The World’s First Biodegradable Stretch Denim Fabric

Did you know that 70% of all denim is stretch? Did you know that the polyester materials that make denim stretchable are as versatile, but also as polluting, as plastic? A product of oil, it’s a typical non-degradable ingredient of apparel that’s polluting the earth and the ocean. Think 25 billion garments produced every year. What about in 100 years from now, when the polyester will barely have decomposed.

The Holy Grail of Stretch Denim

Working closely with the most innovative mill in Italy - Candiani Denim- KOI created a 100% plant-based, vegan, and recyclable collection. Where other stretch denims use non-degradable polyester material that makes responsible recycling difficult - even impossible at times - Bio-Stretch is a fully biodegradable, regenerative stretch denim fabric, made from 100% renewable plant-based, natural rubber yarn.

Our SS 2020 Bio-Stretch offering comes in one womens fit and one mens fit. Both in two washes. That’s four 12.25 ounce denims. For men, the John - executed in either a dry or a washed fabric. For women, washed or rinsed. Juno High. Stayed tuned also for September, for an additional, limited edition Bio-Stretch drop.

 Bio-Stretch fabric is built up around Candiani’s famed ‘72 Warp’ stretch. Designed by Alberto’s father Gianluigi Candiani over 30 years ago. The comfort stretch version features 25% elasticity, while the super stretch features 45%. In both cases, the fabric is made of 96% organic cotton and 4% natural rubber yarns.

Towards Pure Circularity

After years of research, testing and development, Candiani - maybe the world’s greenest denim mill - unleashed the world’s first fully biodegradable regenerative stretch denim fabric, made from 100% renewable plant-based, natural rubber yarn. The fabric is elasticized with the exclusive and patented COREVATM technology. They shared it with Kings Of Indigo. Bio-Stretch is the result of this ongoing collaboration.

“"This is the world's first 100% biodegradable stretch denim. We've only shared it with friends, like Kings Of Indigo. The leftovers? We hope to grow some wine grapes with it later this year."  - Alberto, Candiani Mill

100% plant-based, vegan, and biodegradable denim - Bio-Stretch is a true denim for life.