The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the most common standard for ecologically produced textiles. It defines high-level environmental criteria and guidelines for social standards during production. Only when a textile product contains more than 95% organic natural fibres it qualifies for the GOTS certification. Organic means that in cultivation there are no pesticides or other harmful substances used to grow the cotton but instead ecological fertilizer. All chemicals used during the production process of creating the fabric must be evaluated and must meet requirements on toxicity and biodegradability. Toxic heavy metals, formaldehydes and aromatic solvents cannot be used in GOTS certified products.
Kings of Indigo uses fabrics that are GOTS certified on fabric or yarn level and uses fabrics that are certified by other organizations such as the Organic (Blended) Content Standard or the Global Recycle Standard.


European Union legislation REACH stands for the registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals. Compliance with REACH ensures a company’s use of chemicals is safe for human health and the environment. Furthermore, under REACH, hazardous chemicals are banned and alternatives to animal testing are explored. Kings of Indigo does not use any chemicals mentioned on the REACH list.



The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used. The STANDARD100 aims to guarantee that products are free of harmful substances and therefore safe for human and environmental health.


The Global Recycle Standard is a voluntary standard that verifies the amount of recycled materials in a product. GRS also secures the responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in the supply chain. GRS addresses not only the end product, but also traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, and labelling.


All the TENCEL® lyocell and MODAL® Kings of Indigo works has the Lenzing certification.
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Rank-a-brand is an independent organization that examines and compares consumer brands in various sectors on sustainability and social responsibility. Rank a brand stimulates advancement in sustainable practices, transparency, and competition amongst brands, and helps consumers make a more conscious decision.
Kings of Indigo was ranked number one sustainable denim brand in 2016. 


The Fair Fashion Network conveys expert knowledge to everyone who is interested in fair fashion. GET CHANGED! features brands and stores with very high ecological, human rights, and transparency standards, and provides them with information on positive and critical aspects. 


Project Just aims to transform the fashion industry into a transparent, accountable and sustainable system that celebrates the stories, the people and the resources behind the clothing. The online platform is a catalog and forum of research on fashion brands’ manufacturing practices, as well as their environmental and social impact.


German clothing library Kleiderei is battling fast fashion by offering a subscription service to borrow clothing. Instead of continuously buying clothes and discarding them just as quickly, consumers can now borrow and return their items, giving them a longer lifespan. By giving already produced clothes a new chance, Kleiderei offers a sustainable option for those who love having something new to wear regularly, but don’t want to buy new items every season.


Lena, the Amsterdam based clothing library, offers a fine selection of sustainable clothing brands, upcoming designer items and vintage items to borrow and buy via subscription. Lena represents a fashionable, sustainable solution for everyone who enjoys the feeling of something new, without having to own too many pieces. 


De Goede Gids is a Dutch initiative that guides consumers that are in search of sustainable alternatives, towards companies and brands that offer a clean product. The company has a strong selection process based on an elaborate list of criteria. This saves consumers time and effort finding out which brands to choose from.  Subscribers are offered special deals and background information on all brands that are part of the community.