Denim is made for all of us

Denim has always been more than a piece of clothing. It has been a symbol for rebellion. Worn by the liberals and free minded, we see it as a statement for change through the generations. This spring, we took to addressing the persisting problem of gender inequality. We created a collection of denims to make a statement for equal pay – because that’s what women deserve.

The deeper your pockets

While the inequality in payment between men and women is an unfortunately reoccurring topic – ironically, inequality is also reflected in women fashion.
‘Deep pockets’ are a well-known metaphor for wealth. But these deep pockets can only be found on a men’s pair of jeans, with women pockets being on average 48 % smaller, as if they were tailored for their significantly smaller wages.

We think it's time for a change.

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Our #EqualPockets Collection

After 150 years of denim, the #EqualPockets collection re-imagines this iconic garment to once again become a symbol of resilience by creating equally deep pockets for women.

This Spring, we took three denims to upcycle for the collection. The lining of the pockets was designed by Dutch illustrator, Salimah Gablan, who created an artwork with empowering visuals and motivational quotes from famous strong women. Our usual brand patch has been re-designed for the collection to fit the statement for equal pay as well. To make your jeans your own, we've added some empowering badges which can be used to individualize your #EqualPockets jeans or other favorite denims.

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Time to let denim become a statement for equal pay

With #EqualPockets you make a statement for equal pay, but you also support the change for better. Profits made will be used to promote trainings on fair living wages for workers in garment factories. Because making a statement is good, but it isn't where a brand should stop. Over 80% of workers in the clothing manufacturing industry are women, and we are fully committed to providing them with the tools they need to educate and protect themselves from unfair practices.