What is Buy Back?

The Buy Back service is powered by our partners at RESPONSIBLEand it allows you to keep your wardrobe in rotation whilst also doing something good for the planet. Kings Of Indigo joined RESPONSIBLE and launches the Buy Back feature on the webshop. Via the Buy Back feature you can trade-in your old denim that reached its end-of-life-plan and get a credit for a new pair.

What happens if I use Buy Back and my item(s) can’t be repaired and resold by RESPONSIBLE?

Regardless of whether you will receive credit due to the condition of the garment, RESPONSIBLE has a zero waste policy and will find a way to upcycle, reuse or recycle any garment not fit for resale. 

Can any Kings Of Indigo customer use Buy Back? 

It won't be long until any customer can use the Buy Back service but for now, these are the qualifying factors:

• You have an online purchase history with https://www.kingsofindigo.com/ or https://www.kingsofindigo.de/.

• Items you purchased are defined as eligible for Buy Back by the Kings Of Indigo in your account.

• You are currently living in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Andorra and Monaco.

How does the Buy Back work?

Using Buy Back is easy by following the steps below:

• Start the Buy Back via the purchase history in your K.O.I account

• Answer a few simple questions about the conditions of the product, so we can determine the Buy Back value. Answer a few simple questions about the product(s) you want to send for Buy Back. Then accurately select its current condition to see the estimated store credit amount.

• Submit your BuyBack.

• You will then receive a free shipping label, just package up your products and post it to RESPONSIBLE.

• You will finally receive Kings Of Indigo store credit to use in our online store for new purchases. Please note: credit will arrive once the RESPONSIBLE team evaluates the garment(s) condition at their warehouse.

Is sending my item for Buy Back free of charge? 

Please ensure that you use the labels provided by RESPONSIBLE to return your items, these are provided free of charge. Make sure to return within our return period of 14 days.


To start a return please visit:



Keep your email address, phone number and order number close.

When will I receive credit for my Buy Back? 

The store credit will be granted to your K.O.I account as soon as all the products from your submitted Buy Back are evaluated by the RESPONSIBLE team. This usually happens within 48 hours of your garments arriving at RESPONSIBLE HQ, excluding weekends and public holidays. You will also receive an email confirmation once your store credit is available to use.

For how long will my Buy Back credit be valid? 

The Buy Back credit has no expiration date and is linked to your K.O.I account. Once store credit is granted, you'll receive an email with a discount code. You can choose to use your credit in one buy or spend it on several purchases. Please keep in mind that the discount code will be valid for 15 minutes. To keep the code for future use, redeem it when shopping by entering it into the little box on the checkout page. By doing this, a new code can be generated at a later moment. 

The Buy Back credit can be redeemed on the full Kings Of Indigo collection, excluding sale and accessories.

How do I speak to someone about my Buy Back? 

What does RESPONSIBLE do with the garment to refurbish it?

All products eligible for the Buy Back go through rigorous five-step process before they are resold on RESPONSIBLE'S website:
1. Authentication
2. Assessment & grading
3. Repair and refurbishment using professional mending techniques to replenish, repair or replace trims with the most sustainable materials possible.
4. Waterless Ozone cleaning
5. Photography for RESPONSIBLE'S site.

You still need our assistance? 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.