How does the Buy Back work?

RESPONSIBLE only accepts high quality garments. If you want to find out if your product meets the acceptance criteria, just fill in a few questions in the Buy Back option in your K.O.I. account.


Please follow the steps below:

• Start the Buy Back via the purchase history in your K.O.I account.

• Answer a few simple questions about the conditions of the product, so we can determine the Buy Back value.

• Get a free shipping label and post the item to RESPONSIBLE. Receive Kings Of Indigo credits to use in our online store.

What are the conditions for reconditioning?

If your garment needs repair, it will be repaired at RESPONSIBLE. Sometimes it happens unavoidably, an item can't be sold anymore. In this case RESPONSIBLE guarantees, it doesn't hit landfill and they will reuse or deconstruct your product.


To make sure that everyone benefits, and your item is handled with love and care, a future purchase can be pending until RESPONSIBLE confirms the condition of the garment on receipt.

How do consumers reach out to RESPONSIBLE Support?

Every question regarding the Buy Back will be answered in the Buy Back option in your K.O.I. account. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to RESPONSIBLE by phone: +44 28 9568 3595, or email to, or by chat on

How long will my buy back credit be valid? 

The Buy Back credit is linked to your K.O.I account, and you'll receive an email with a discount code. You can choose to use your credit in one buy or spend it on several purchases. Please keep in mind that the discount code will be valid for 15 minutes. To keep the code for future use, redeem it when shopping by entering it into the little box on the checkout page. By doing this, a new code can be generated at a later moment.

The Buy Back credit can be redeemed on the full Kings Of Indigo collection, excluding sale and accessories.

How do I know if the product offered within the RESPONSIBLE webshop is authentic? 

Every RESPONSIBLE product will be accompanied by a digital passport that will track the product's journey and allow customers to verify its authenticity. Each item of clothing will be marketed as a brand-approved reconditioned model where RESPONSIBLE has a partnership. 

What will happen with a product in such a bad condition it cannot be repaired or resold?  


If your product isn't saleable together with RESPONSIBLE, they will make sure it doesn't hit landfill and it will be reused or deconstructed.

How does RESPONSIBLE handle damaged items?


RESPONSIBLE will repair products that require a caring touch. Using genuine trimmings and materials to guarantee that all clothing offered are of great quality.

When will I receive credit for the item that I apply for the Buy Back? 

When you accept a Buy Back you will receive a bag to return the item(s) in exchange for a credit against a new purchase. These items are sent to RESPONSIBLE for processing, refurbishment and resale. 

Does RESPONSIBLE compensate my refund shipping costs? 

Please ensure that you use the labels provided by RESPONSIBLE to return your items, these are provided free of charge. Make sure to return within our return period of 14 days.
To start a return please visit:
Keep your email address, phone number and order number close.

If I have bought an item on the RESPONSIBLE webshop, how long do I have to wait for a refund after returning the item? 

Once the garment arrives at RESPONSIBLE warehouse your money will be refunded immediately. However, the arrival of the funds in your account depends on your bank. This process usually takes 3-5 working days. 

Which countries can make use of the Buy Back?

Currently the following countries are included for the Buy Back, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Andorra, Monaco and Italy.

You still need our assistance? 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.