Panama is a loosely woven fabric that allows for thicker fabrics to feel light and have more of a drape. This panama fabric is colored with natural indigo dye and will fade a little over time. Lucky with the polygiene treatment you won't have to wash as often and the deep indigo color will stay on for longer.

So fresh & so clean

Washing and drying accounts for ⅔ of the environmental impact ofclothing. To reduce the need for home laundering, we now offer garmentstreated with Polygiene®. Textiles treated with Polygiene® don’t need tobe washed as often, they simply stay clean longer.

"This saves a great amount of water and energy used in home laundry and prolongs the lifespan of the garment"

At Kings of Indigo we make sure every element of our productis people,planet & animal friendly. From the base material to thetrims and buttons - even the packaging. But once a package was delivered to your doorstep, it was out of our hands. Until today.


Polygiene® works like a protective shield to help you keep your clothes fresh for longer. Polygiene® contains low concentrations of silver salt to prevent odour-causing bacteria from growing at the source. The finish is applied at the final stages of production and is only active on the textiles itself. Our Polygiene® treated textiles require a lot less washing which saves water, energy, time and money and it improves the lifespan of the product so you can enjoy it longer. Read more about Polygiene®.