How should I wash and care for my K.O.I items so they will last a lifetime?

Adjust your washing routine by a few details and you will be able to decrease your impact on the environment immensely. You should wash your 100% organic or recycled cotton jeans as little as possible! This way you won't dry out the cotton fibres. However, for jeans with a stretch percentage, we would like to recommend that you wash them a bit more often. Jeans with stretch have a super small elastic thread in the middle of the yarns, so dirt can come between the cotton fibre and the elastic thread and when you don't wash them enough, the dirt will rip the elastic thread because of the friction. 

Moreover, don’t dry clean, use fabric softener or too much detergent. This prevents your clothing from becoming dull, stiff and from fading out. At the same time, it also preserves the environment by using less water and chemicals. What a win-win!

The following steps are most important when washing your K.O.I jeans:

  • Wash at the lowest temperature, preferably 30 degrees
  • Always turn your denims inside out before the wash
  • Do not use more detergent than necessary
  • If possible, wash your jeans separately from your apparel
  • Do not use the dryer, just let them hang outside

And most important of all, always check the wash label!

In case you have a stain that cannot be removed, why don’t you put a patch on it? This will let you keep your favourite jeans and give it a unique touch.

Or you express your creativity and upcycle them yourself. 

Cut your jeans into shorts or use natural dye to refresh the colour. The possibilities are endless. 

We hope to have helped you treat your jeans with even more love! 

Does K.O.I sell products that I don’t have to wash as much?

Because home laundering accounts for ⅔ of the environmental impact of clothing, K.O.I has collaborated with LABFRESH and created a collection of denim shirts that are stain, smell and crinkle free. Find out more here.

Moreover, K.O.I has produced several styles using an antibacterial thread that helps keep your items fresh longer! Find all antibacterial products here

How can I stop my K.O.I jeans from bleeding?

Our favorite shade of blue, Indigo, lights up with wear creating your own personal imprint. The fact that the color has to ‘set’ can result in blue hands, Indigo can bleed a little in the beginning. We advise you to wash your garment with natural vinegar.

In case your jeans is bleeding, there are several recommendations you can follow to prevent that:

  • Wash jeans several times in cold water to rinse out any loose dye that may rub off.

  • Turn them inside out, so the jeans is not rubbing against other items.

  • Wash it together with other dark colours.

How can I find my ideal size?

At K.O.I, we understand the struggle that comes with ordering online and not having a fitting room.

That’s why we have recently introduced a new widget called MySizeID with which you can easily find out which size is accurate for you. Just go to the item you would like to order and click on the ‘What’s my size?’ button that is on top the ‘Add to my bag’ field and follow the requested steps. 

By doing this you will save time and CO2 emissions returning wrong sizes. The perfect deal! 

How can I find my ideal fit?

In order to find your favourite fit, we have recently introduced our brand-new fit guide

You will be able to choose between several waist & leg fits, different washes and stretch to find your perfect style! 

Check out our women’s and men’s fit guide! 

Does K.O.I have a collection of products that never go out of stock?

Yes, K.O.I has a whole collection for both men and women dedicated to items that are classic and will never go out of style! These items are always on stock! Interested? Find our classics here

Did you know? We even have a collection for our little K.O.I fans here

What certifications does my K.O.I jeans have?

Being 100% transparent in all our processes and production is one of our main priorities. That’s why we are proud to announce that we have earned several certifications that confirm our pursuit for sustainability in everything we do.

GOTS is recognized as the toughest organic textile standard, ensuring organic fiber input and fair working conditions in production facilities and requires an environmental management system.

OCS sets requirements for third-party certification of certified organic input and chain of custody. The goal of the OCS is to increase organic agriculture production.

GRS guarantees a company’s fabrics consist of at least (!) 20% of recycled content and verifies the socially responsible and environmentally friendly production practices.

RCS verifies the presence and amount of at least (!) 5% recycled material in a final product via third party verification.

EIM Score is a new technology that measures the environmental impact of all our denims. This score is awarded based on water & energy consumption, chemical use and the impact on worker’s health. In case you would like to find out more about how we are reducing water  use, please read here.

Can't get enough? Find out more here about our planet friendly materials

Which sustainable materials are mostly used for K.O.I items?

Tencel Lyocell is often favoured by ethical clothing brands like us. Production is completely carbon neutral and these fibers are 100% biodegradable.

Organic cotton is a natural fiber grown without the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, making it safer for the planet, farmer and wearer. It is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards.

Recycled cotton is re-purposed cotton that would otherwise be waste for the landfill.

Hemp & Linen are both grown without the use of pesticides and nasty chemicals, and they hardly take up any water. 

You still need our assistance? 

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