The Triple R: repair, reuse, recycle is one of our founding philosophies and is an example of our fifth pillar of sustainability: waste management.

Upcycled clothing is gaining more importance as a means of managing the severe problem of waste in the fashion industry. Fast fashion encourages single wear clothing which seduces consumers to buy things that they might not want or need – apparently 30% of garments are never worn!

Our Triple R philosophy also means more love and respect for the clothes – do what you can to preserve the life of your garment. Reuse and re-wear your clothes more than once, grab a needle and thread and repair the hole in your jeans and when it’s really time, cut it up and make it into something new! 

To further our message, we created an online community of #reusetheblues creatives. We sent those who had signed up B-choice jeans, a canvas bag and a recycled metal button, with one simple objective – get creative.

The outcome? Our B-choice, unwearable jeans became animals, handbags, yoga mats, plant pots, bucket hats almost overnight.

2020 top three

1st place: Lotte Vos
Comfortable upcycled chair.
2nd place: Irma Van Der Mee
Upcycled jacket and and a laptop bag.
3rd place: Jeroen Van Schaik
Spacious tipi made out of denim pieces.
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2019 top three

1st place: Joan Tjon A Hie
Jeanos the dinosaur
2nd place: Lara Zwaan
Two full outfits including jacket, skirt, shorts and tops.
3rd place:
Kirsten van Beuzekom
Festival ready pack including a bucket hat, bumbag and customized tee.
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2018 top three

1st place: Marte Voorn
2nd place: Sharieta Berghuis
3rd place: Daniel James Hugget & Sherry Hugget
Tote bag
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Fashion for Good

In January 2019, we teamed up with Fashion for Good, a sustainable fashion museum located in Amsterdam and Amsterdam Fashion Institute students to host an afternoon of cutting up old denims to make something new and beautiful out of them.


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Want to be involved??

The #reusetheblues competition is a way for us to engage with our consumers in a fun way whilst also educating them and those who follow the competition on social media, on how to look at used and or damaged clothes differently.

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